About Us

What inspired these products?

Working as a Parent Involvement Coordinator, Bev Schumacher had the privilege of being the link between classroom educators and families.  Focused on providing the children in the early learning program with concepts for school-readiness led to the awareness that School + Home=Learning!  Observing the positive interactions that games allowed between parent/teacher and child set in motion the development of game learning experiences.

Teachers, perceived by parents as the educational leaders, were in a golden position to invite families to play and learn.  Creating take-home resources was recognized as a foundation for equipping parents with ideas and resources to extend learning.  Recognizing the challenges of maintaining resources that could be shared between school and home lead to the durable fabric construction design and limiting the number of pieces.

Book compliments to each game were a natural way to enrich literacy experiences.  Creating the books assured that each concept was well supported and that the game mat and book enhanced each other.  Creating the books and games to support dual language skills was needed to honor families and to broaden language efficiency of both students and their families.  Regrettably, there are still more needs for languages and more topics and so the Learning Props vision has more work ahead….

Although designed as home-school connectors the kits also are an ideal resource that can enrich classroom instruction.  Educators working with children in groups, volunteers,  peer buddies, librarians, child care providers, … all can use the Learning Props resources to enrich learning.

Door hangers and Calendar Dots—-let’s just say that as a home visitor sometimes the connections were not realized!  Then came the recognition that a number of make-it-activities could be done and the letter and number dots were created to fulfill resource needs.

What’s next?   Wait and see!