Count On Me
Numbers 1-10 and 11-20 introduced with colorful real objects and counting words.

Body Parts
Colorful pictures guide the learning of body parts.

Shape Land
Enjoy the colorful photos as shapes and objects are learned.

Play Action
Enjoy movement and imaginative actions with these colorful photos.

Which Way
Opposite and direction giving words are explored through realistic photo images.

What Color Is It
Eleven basic colors are introduced with bright colorful objects and word labels.

Dress Up

Language skills are expanded as colorful pictures challenge clothing vocabulary and the ability to recognize and name clothing items.


This pattern recognition book looks at how shapes, lines, and colors are arranged.

Shapes and objects are labeled as readers view real life photo images.


Colorful pictures invite readers to name and identify a variety of animals.

Where Will You Find Me?

Label the items in the colorful photos, and determine where you would find them.

English Letters A-Z Book

Enjoy the colorful images in this book to build early literacy and letter awareness skills.

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