Calendar, Letter & Number Dots

These Learning Props tools are permanent stickers that mark dates on calendars or serve as a resource for learning numbers and letters.
Calendar dots serve as reminders of home visits or special events
Letter and number dots are classroom and family activity tools.

From Bingo games, to books to games…playfully build basic skills.

Calendar Dots

Perfect way to remind families of Home Visits or Special Events.
Colorful, ¾ inch, self-adhesive stickers attach to family’s calendar to mark dates to be remembered
Dots are on perforated page with 108 stickers per sheet
Learning Props® design and specialty dots for Head Start®

Leave calendar dots during home visits or send calendar dots home with a note.

4 sheets / $1.00

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Letter and Number Dots – Letter Dots Out of Stock

Letter Dots – playfully explore letters…

  • 2 capital and 2 lowercase letters for each alphabet letter and extra vowels
  • 108, ¾ inch, self-adhesive stickers per sheet
  • Use in classroom activities or as a tool for family activities
  • Line under each letter helps children recognize the direction of letters
  • Making books or games, spelling words, making labels … are perfect uses for Letter Dots
  • Idea booklet provided with letter sets shares activities that use Letter Dots

Dot Size ¾ inch

Set of 25 sticker sheets and idea booklet $13.00

Letter Dots – Out of Stock

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Number Dots-  fun ways to practice number recognition and skills

  • 108, ¾ inch, self-adhesive stickers to build numerical skills
  • Idea booklet provides ideas for using this instructional tool
  • Each sheet has numerals 0-100 and math symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, $, decimal point and equals sign
  • Classroom learning tool or for creating activities that could be used at home
  • Underscore below each numeral helps children identify direction
  • Make BINGO and other games/projects to make learning fun

Set of 25 sticker sheets and idea booklet $13.00

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BINGO – Have students or parents quickly create this learning tool.
You will be using 26 Letters or 26 Numbers Dots on each BINGO game sheet.