BODY PARTS  (hardcover)  身体部位
ISBN 978-1-935292-01-2
This book with colorful photo images of children will guide conversation as you locate body parts.

COUNT ON ME!  (hardcover)  数一数!

ISBN 978-1-935292-29-6

Build counting skills of numbers 1-20, using this book filled with numbers and colorful objects to count.


CRITTERS (paperback)  动物世界

ISBN 978-1-935292-46-3

Build word knowledge as you view colorful pictures of a variety of animals, birds, insects and fish.


DRESS UP  (paperback)  打扮起来

ISBN 978-1-935292-47-0   Expand language skills by recognizing and naming clothing items with the colorful pictures in this book.



PATTERNS  (paperback) 图案

ISBN 978-1-935292-48-7

View colorful photos of objects observing the arrangement of shapes, lines, and colors. 

PLAY ACTION  (hardcover)  快乐的活动

ISBN 978-1-935292-02-9

Enjoy children at play in this book while learning “action” words (verbs).


SHAPE LAND  (paperback) 图形天地

ISBN 978-1-935292-49-4

Reinforce math and language concepts with this book that introduces 16 shapes with photos of realistic objects.


WHAT COLOR IS IT? (paperback) 这是什么颜色?

ISBN 978-1-935292-50-0

Enjoy a color filled world as this book introduces 11 basic colors using colorful photographed objects.


WHERE WILL YOU FIND ME?  (paperback)  你会在哪儿找到我?

ISBN 978-1-935292-51-7

Explore everyday vocabulary words from a variety of settings with colorful realistic photos.


WHICH WAY?   (hardcover)  哪个方向?

ISBN 978-1-935292-03-6

This book introduces 30 word pairs like “hot” and “cold” or “up” and “down” as direction giving words and opposites are practiced.


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