Dress Up / El Vestirse – A Learning Game

Learning tool for Spanish speakers learning English or English speakers learning Spanish!

This educational game supports language and vocabulary skills.
Many early literacy skills are built from daily vocabulary.
This learning game explores words like-hat, boot, watch and many other words for the things we wear.
Expand language and clothing vocabulary by having children share what body parts the clothing item covers.
These games support school-readiness concepts and language skills.
They are ideal for use as a pre-k/ Kindergarten level classroom activity or as a family activity to “Make Learning Fun”.

Each bilingual educational game kit includes:

  • a Bilingual (Spanish/ English) children’s book with photo images and language labels; pronunciation
  • guide page supports 2nd language learning.
  • durable, fabric game mat with both English and Spanish commands
  • die and movers
  • Home Practice Page in both Spanish and English to be copied and shared with families.