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Blank- BINGO Sheet

BINGO Directions:

BINGO – Have students or parents quickly create this learning tool.
You will be using all 26 letters or 26 numbers on each BINGO game sheet.
Visit the Free Resources, Blank BINGO Sheet  above to print a copy of a BINGO sheet.

Letter BINGO

Select 2 letters for the frame in the middle of the BINGO sheet.
Place the other 24 letters randomly across the sheet, one letter per square.
Depending on the letter knowledge skills of the players you may want to use all capitals, all lower case, or a blending of letters to create your BINGO.

When BINGO pages are completed you are ready to play.
Markers could be coins, pieces of cereal, small toys… (be sure you are not providing small parts to a child that would put them in their mouth)
If you intend to eat your markers after the game be sure your hands are clean and that you are working on a clean surface playing the game.
To call the letters you may want to use 26 letter dots to create calling cards. Place one letter in 26 milk jug lids, cut 26 pieces of cardboard to attach labels, or use a puzzle or magnetic letters to determine what letters to cover.

You may also put your BINGO page in a zip-lock bag and use a marker suitable to mark off and erase for repeated uses.

Number BINGO

Pick a number concept to reinforce. You might want to practice numbers 0-50 or 50-100 or all even or odd numbers. Follow the suggestions above to make your BINGO mat and calling cards….

Mini-folded book Instructions

Envelope Book

Supplies needed: 26 envelopes for letter book, as desired for number book, 2 book rings, & letter or number dots.

Tuck the flaps into each envelope and seal to make pocket pages.
Place one letter or number dot on the front of each envelope.
Connect the pocket pages together to form a book
Pockets are ideal for storing pictures, words, cutouts, small items…