Learning Props is working to meet your programs second language needs.

Labels are available that will allow Learning Props English books to meet White Hmong / English dual language needs. Dedicated space allows these printed stickers to be placed beneath the English word labels in the books. A guide sheet supports staff, parents, or volunteers in placing the translations.

There is a desperate need for children to grow both their family’s native language as well as English. This affordable approach provides the opportunity to grow print awareness in both languages as well as building oral language skills.

   Language White Hmong

   Book Titles Body Parts
Count On me!
Dress Up
What Color Is It?

What Color Is It?

Label sheets are $2.50 per book set. This includes a placement guide and sticker sheets.

Purchase an English title $9.95 to place labels on.

You are responsible for placing the labels in the book per instructions.

Define Your Language Needs

Contact us to discuss how Learning Props can work with you to meet the needs of children and families in your program.  With orders of as few as 100 copies of each book title  per language we can pursue the translation and on demand print process to meet your needs. 

A rich language foundation is essential for literacy success.  Providing print in a child’s first language supports family engagement
as well.  We are in a position to develop the 10 concept books in our product line to meet your needs.

Language Labels:  Let’s discuss the needs in your community and consider how we can support learning.  We have Hmong Language Labels.

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