Keeper Box

Keeper Box

This project can be a strategy for creating a portfolio at a program or as a family collection tool. Viewing projects over an extended period of time allows teachers, families and students to see a progression of skills and learning.

Hint: Get in the habit of dating artwork and noting technique, theme, etc.: Example:

Student name
Q-tip painting with colored water
This idea can be used by Parents, Home Visitors, Child Care Providers, Home Care Providers, Preschool/Kingergarten Teachers…some programs who engage families may even want this to be a parent-child activity.

Project supplies:

· Cardboard boxes- Find boxes that have a lift off lid or a variety of box trays that are similar in size. It will take some collecting to get enough “boxes” for a class.

Boxes that a ream of paper comes in are perfect but may be too tall—consider cutting the height of these boxes down to a shorter size. A height of 6”-7” fits well under beds. Or use two box trays and create a “box”. (Box trays are the cardboard base used in packing products such as cans, beverages, etc.) Warehouse type food stores are good sources of the box trays. Vending machine products like drinks come in trays. Find 2 trays that are close but not identical in size so that one slips into the other to create a “box”.

Shoe boxes could also be an option but a full size sheet of paper does not store flat in them.

· Decorator items- Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, ads, junk mail etc. for letters, pictures, etc. to be cut out of. Collage materials, fabric, ribbon, yarn, shapes, photos, scrap paper….

· Supplies-
Adhesive for the children to use.
Clear contact paper can be used to cover over photos and lettering,
Scissors, markers, stamps, paper punches,


1. Have available one “box“ set per child. (base and cover)
Label both top and bottom for each child so they do not get separated.
2. If boxes are heavily painted/printed consider spray painting them to conceal the product names etc,

3. If you are keeping them in a classroom consider how they will stack, etc. before putting out decorator items.

4. Let the children create!

Parent Note:

Dear Parent,
This is a keeper box. Your child has decorated it. We ask that you find a safe place in your home to store it (like under a bed). Keep special papers, projects, pictures, … in it that you and your child would like to keep. This will be a fun way to watch the progress your child makes. At the end of the year you will have a special collection of keepsakes from this important year.