Research Project Results

A research project was completed in 2009 by Learning Props CEO- Bev Schumacher and researcher Vonda Jump Norman, PhD, Utah State University.

The question asked was:

”What interventions are effective in engaging families/parents in supporting learning at home?”

What follows are the research results. There is a one page summary, a Research Findings Report and 30 page Description of the Project.

Five of the Learning Props game kits were resources used in the research project.

All interventions did produce parent responses but those activities that supported families with resources were more likely to be completed, were done more frequently, were engaged in  for a longer period of time and had more family members participate in the play experience. Parents strongly reflected a desire to receive interventions suggestions and activities and willingness to participate.  Educators who intentionally invite and engage parents to support learning will find a willing audience dedicated to their child’s progress.

One page project summary

Report of Parent Involvement Project Findings

Description of Parent Involvement Project (30 pages)