Count on Me / ¡Cuenta conmigo!
Numbers 1-10 and 11-20 introduced with colorful real objects and counting words.

Body Parts / Las partes del cuerpo
Colorful pictures guide the learning of body parts.

Which Way? / ¿Por dónde?
Opposite and direction giving words are explored through realistic photo images.

What Color is It? / ¿De qué color es?
Eleven basic colors are introduced with bright colorful objects and word labels.

Shape Land / Figuralandia
Enjoy the colorful photos as shapes and objects are learned.

Play Action / Juego en acción
Enjoy movement and imaginative actions with these colorful photos.

Dress Up / El vestirse
Language skills are expanded as colorful pictures challenge clothing vocabulary and the ability to recognize and name clothing items.

Patterns / Los diseños
This pattern recognition book looks at how shapes, lines, and colors are arranged.
Shapes and objects are labeled as readers view real life photo images.

Critters / Criaturas de la naturaleza
Colorful pictures invite readers to name and identify a variety of animals in both English and Spanish.

Where Will You Find Me? / ¿Dónde me encontrarás?
Label the items in the colorful photos, and determine where you would find them.