Learning Props CEO is passionate about working with families in a partnership relationship that will assure students of achievement.

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Menu for Successful Parent and Family Involvement

Bev Schumacher and Dr. Paul Wirtz

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Published by Southern Early Childhood Association Press

 Getting parents involved takes creativity, great ideas, and strategies.

This publication explores successful experiences in working with families and helps programs develop a “menu” of activities and strategies that will promote involvement. The book includes ideas for all early childhood care and education programs. Five components of successful programs are addressed with over 45 practical strategies from “practices that work.”

56 pages     $6.50

Bev Schumacher has been an educator for over 30 years. She has served as a Parent Involvement Coordinator at a nationally recognized center, taught in the classroom, trained childcare professionals, authored articles and a book entitled “A Menu For Successful Parent and Family Involvement”. Parenthood, volunteer services and consulting compliment her professional experiences.

Bev has presented across the country. She is a frequent presenter at state, regional and national conferences as well for schools. Her desire to work in partnership with families created a career detour when she saw the needs for tools to connect with families and designed Learning Props®. Partnering with families requires good intentions, ideas, determination, effort, persistence and learning props.



Working with parents is a good idea. Moreover, it is ESSENTIAL if we want students to achieve their MAXIMUM POTENTIAL

Invite Bev to present at your program!

Help your staff strengthen their skills to work with parents. Majority of trainings are customized to the needs of specific programs.

Staff Development Workshops Topics Available Include but not limited to:

Engaging Parents; An Investment that Pays – educators need to invite parents to take an active role in supporting their youngsters learning. This session will explore strategies that are effective in engaging families to support learning at home

Book-Making- Build Family and Early Literacy Skills by Creating Books – This hands-on session introduces many different approaches for creating books that have the potential of inviting authors to utilize their developing literacy skills

A Menu for Successful Parent and Family Involvement – Concepts and practice summary of booklet published in 2003 by Southern Early Childhood Association

Strengthening Connections With Parents – An overview of parent involvement practices

Communication 101 – Building stronger communication networks with parents

Learning Continues at Home – Guiding staff to support learning at home

Junk A Teachers Treasures – Making teaching tools from low cost and discarded resources

Parent or Partner What is the Difference? – You R—strategies for partnerships

Fun With Paints,  Low Cost Learning with Paper Plates,  Movement Fun With a Purpose,  ….


Let’s discuss what topic offerings would benefit your program.  Define your needs for a customized presentation or Bev Schumacher is also available for Parent Workshops and Consultation Sessions with your Parent Involvement Staff or Team.

Workshop fee, travel costs and material cost required

Bev Schumacher
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